We are taking the longest road in the world
from the USA to Argentina
in an RV with our kids

Our home, which will take us
to Argentina

We are going to visit at least
one in every country we

Planned duration of the trip

Approximate length of the
whole trip
The Core of Pan American Family Trip
Why do we do this?
Explore the world
Traveling is a great school of real life.
We are a nomad family because we strongly believe:
- traveling has no age limits;
- the nomadic lifestyle teaches us and our kids a flexible, easy-going and problem-solving approach to life;
- it significantly broadens our perspective on life.
Connect orphans across Pan-America
1) We are going to visit orphanages in every country we go through; a total of 14.

2) We will launch a gift relay race: We will take hand-crafted presents from kids from one country to orphanages of another.

For instance: Guatemalan kids get handmade gifts from Mexican kids. Then Guatemalan kids will make presents and send them to Honduran orphanages etc.

We will also talk to kids about the creators of the gifts which they just got: their cultures, what they do, what language they speak and countries where they live.
Eventually, we will show them a video with a "Hello"; message.

3) Bring needs with raised money
We are going to buy stuff which each particular orphanage really needs after agreeing on them with their managers.

4) Set up celebrations
Organize games and contests

By taking a part in the gift relay race, kids will understand that they are not
alone; on the contrary, they have a big family

We want to raise awareness about orphans all over the world, hopefully increasing
their chances of becoming a child of loving parents.

We already have some experience.
Here is our blog about it:
Share our trip with people
We will share our trip in social media and YouTube to:
1) Inspire people to travel, including with children
2) Raise awareness about orphans
3) Show the world as we see it
21 June 2018
We are going to depart
from the state where we purchase our RV.
We plan to cross the USA during June.
Done 1110 km
July - August 2018
Mexico (Sonora, Sinaloa, Mexico City, Puebla Chiapas)
Done 4309 km

September - October 2018
Guatemala, Salvador, Honduras
Done 1227 km
November 2018
Right here, right now
Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Reaching Panama City
December 2018
We'll be crossing the Darién Gap and the Equator, separated from our RV. We'll cross Colombia and then reach Quito (Ecuador). We will celebrate the New Year somewhere around here.
January - February 2019
From Ecuador to the Peru/Bolivia border.
Cross Peru along the coast, to finally swim in the Titicaca Lake
March - May 2019
We'll be crossing Bolivia, the North of Argentina and Chile. We're celebrating our junior daughter's second birthday in her homeland.
May 2019
We're finishing the trip in Buenos Aires.
Support the project
to buy needs for orphans
To donate in Russian rubles
please check the Russian version of the website
Amount raised so far $835
Amount spent $842
Perks for our supporters
After every orphanage visiting we will hold a raffle among all of our donors.
Winners will be determined by random numbers generator.
The main reward is a gift made by orphans from
particular child center.

+ tiny presents ↓
We're open to working with corporations.
We would be glad to discuss your ideas and offers.

Our story
Hello Folks!
We are family of four: me, my wife and two daughters 9 and 1 years old. First and foremost, we love to travel. It's our passion. We started with it in our early twenties and we're still on this path. Step by step we moved to the idea to live on
a constant travel.

We started by hosting couchsurfers – it has really inspired us. We hitchhiked around Europe, wandered in Asia. We were a part of volunteering projects and made a road trip of more than 10000 km. Our trips get longer and longer every time.

When my wife was pregnant for the second time, we thought about buying a flat, to create a beautiful nest where we could live for ages and raise our kids in a sweet home. However, the idea to give birth in other country won this round and our second daughter was born an Argentinean.

We started working remotely. After 4 months in Argentina, we couldn't stay at one place for too long any more. We purchased one way flight tickets in October of 2017.
We spent 3 months in Europe, then 6 months in the US, where we bought an RV
and started our dream trip.
Meet our team
Typical nomad family :)
El Capitan
Miss Ptitsa
Crazy PR Manager
Madam Mo'
Handmade Genius
Just an object of global tenderness
Want to try out our lifestyle?
You are very welcome to join us!!!

As experienced couchsurfers we keep on hosting people while traveling. There is an extra space in our RV for one or couple!

Our schedule:
December - Panama;
January 2019 - Colombia.

Please contact us to know about our exact location.
Let's have a fun together!
Currently in Costa Rica